A supplementation to our offer of products and services are emblems. They are developed according to the corporate logo, and the threads are selected according to PANTON colours applicable for the trademark.
National symbols, e.g. the eagle, the Warsaw Mermaid, national banners, heraldic arms of towns etc. are made in various sizes from the small ones for T-shirts to as big as 48 x 48 cm.

Emblems for the security agencies are embroidered mainly in four sizes: for the left front part of the uniform, for the cap, for the pocket, and for the back

Scouts and wolves are always treated by us as a priority and they receive big price discounts. Various lilies and crosses, scout and wolf proficiency , troop emblems, stripes associated with summer and winter camps are an integral part of our work.
We make embroideries and stripes such as CAVE, MUSTANG, PUMA, REEBOK, ERIMA for the entrepreneurs sewing clothes for export and holding a license for such production.
And obviously, sport emblems: football, volley-ball, basketball, referee stripes, as well as stripes associated with motor sports. These are emblems of motor car companies and car makes sponsoring the rally and racing teams.
Emblem prices depend on their quantity, size and the materials and special threads applied.

We invite you to co-operate.

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