We have produced thermal applique for many years.

Thermal appliques, on the reverse of the embroidery have a layer of special adhesive enabling permanent adhesion of the pattern to the clothes using ordinary flat-iron. We have to our disposal a wide range of patterns for children and the youth available for purchase from our wholesale warehouse.

We also make applique at special orders (e.g. specially defined colours, without adhesive).
Among our suppliers there are not only Polish companies. We also export our appliques to the east and to Germany.

Examples of net prices per 1 piece are provided against the sample patterns.
Prices are negotiable depending on the transaction size.

aplikacje termoklejace 01m aplikacje termoklejace 02m

How to use thermal appliqué

aplikacje sposob zastosowania ilu 270px

Embroidery thermal appliqué on one side has a special glue which makes possible sticking appliqué to clothes permanently using iron only.